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Hello and allow me to introduce myself: my name is Gisele Dube and my love of clothing and fashion began from as far back as I can remember. As I was growing up, my siblings and I considered it normal for our mom to sew all our clothing. I watched her create some fabulous designs and as I learned about fabrics and styles, I developed a deep appreciation for fashion and discovering my own personal style. I loved to accompany my mom in a fabric store as my dad patiently waited in the vehicle outside. I dabbled in the fine art of sewing and created a few garments for myself over the years. I am grateful to have obtained that experience and knowledge as that knowledge is useful to me now that I have my own clothing boutique.

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Gisele Dube Personal Stylist

In addition to the love of fabrics and creating my own fashion sense, I have always been a people person as I love to meet and get to know people especially on a one-on-one basis.

It was a natural ‘fit’ for me to dabble with selling ladies’ clothing fashions through home clothing parties until I decided to open my own clothing boutique in 2015. The first location was in a mall setting and after 3 years, in 2018 I moved the business to a stand alone building at 818 Main Street in Melfort.

The current building has plenty of natural light streaming in from the numerous west-facing windows and the building is located on a street corner so it is makes for easy access for walk-ins and for parking as well. It is perfectly suited for ‘private shopping’ with individual rooms filled with a variety of fashions ranging in sizes from xsmall to double & triple extra lovely and in styles ranging from casual to classic to special occasion. At DWWG we’ve got you ‘covered’ so to speak.

Private shopping appointments has always been offered as a service for our clients and most recently with the pandemic of 2020, the concept of ‘private shopping’ has become a trend that is more widely appreciated and clients receive extra special service as well as a fun experience.

Face-time shopping service is also available for curating a capsule module of the clients’ fashion needs.

And now with DWWG’s website, clients have the luxury of shopping from the comfort of their home so everyone wins.

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Mission Statement

Dress Well With Gisele

convenient one-stop shopping with products that will meet or exceed your expectations for variety, quality, service, fashion and affordability

Vision Statement

Dress Well With Gisele

Up clothes and personal styles for YOU.

​I feel that people do not have much time to shop these days and when they do, they want to go into a store and be served in a professional, knowledgeable and friendly manner. At Dress Well with Gisele, the Team and I are entirely focused on getting to know our customer and her clothing and dressing needs. We try to provide the best service possible. Everyone likes to be served and this service is what I believe is vital to retaining our valuable customers. In addition to the above at DWWG, we take great pride in carrying a variety of clothing so that those customers are dressed “uniquely” to match their personality and most likely will never see someone else in their outfit. Up clothes and personal styles for YOU. We look forward to serving you